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When founding Lose the Weight Today, LLC; the initiating force was frustration. There simply weren’t enough proven, effective and safe weight loss solutions out there in the market. Or maybe there were, but they were… well, simply not as effective. The ambition was – and still is – to offer something different, effective and safe as opposed to most of the weight loss solutions available today.

Thus Lose the Weight today, LLC was formed in an effort to offer the best, safe and all-natural solutions to help people struggling with weight loss. All our weight loss products and dietary supplements are purely natural and safe; and when taken as prescribed, they will ultimately help you to effectively shed the extra pounds you’ve tried for so long to lose.

We have done extensive testing. We believe in our products and know they will work with your body’s natural processes for quick and consistent weight loss results.

Lose the Weight Today, LLC is a fast growing company with an outstanding team of distributors living their dreams every day. Our product line is expanding, and so are the opportunities to make money while helping others achieve their weight loss goals. We currently have a talented and dedicated group of distributors throughout multiple states, but we are always looking for other motivated and honest individuals to join our team as well.

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